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How to do SEO for health web sites

In Positioning Web Systems we want to talk about how to do SEO for health sector webs ; When it comes to online marketing, not all strategies work the same for all websites, or for all items. When we talk about SEO we think of linkbuilding and optimization, but nowadays social networks and content play a very important role when positioning your website.

The SEO consists of all the actions that are done to position a Web in the first places of the search engines, it is estimated that 93% of the online experiences begin through a search engine, and more than 100 trillion searches are made Online every day.

If people search for health issues and they do not find you, you will receive little traffic, so they will not oppose you and you will not increase your income. It is important that you have a strategy. So how do you come up with the strategy?

  1. The first thing is to know who your competitors are , is one of the best practices with which you can get benefits and improve, seeing what they do and seeking to be better, never copying, which is unethical.
    For this you can use tools like Ahrefs, where you can see where your competitors have relevant links; We know that backlinks are very important to SEO. For example, if your competition has the most links from blogs, you can think about how to reach out to the bloggers community and find the exposure you need.
  2. The second is, get quality inbound links , today Google (main search engine) devalues ​​sites with links that are not natural or do not offer real value. The algorithms are more complex, so you have to be more careful, and not only avoid links because they can be bad but because they could penalize you. Some examples where a web of a health sector company can find good links are:
    • Mention of local directories, companies with physical addresses, such as clinics.
    • Be used as a source of information in sites of authority.
    • Image credits.
    • In chargeable material.
    • Public content that your users can apply in their day to day, so they share it and you will get inbound links.
  3. The next step is on-page optimization , this is one of the most technical aspects of brisbane seo for health web sites, and if what we mentioned before thought to do it yourself, for this you probably need to hire a developer, a marketing expert Online or seo agency . It is about improving the structure of a web so it is search engine friendly, including: shorten URLs, add meta description and meta title unique, use keywords in content, use H headings, include social sharing buttons , And have a good internal link structure.

It’s basic to be mobile friendly

Today it is very important to have a site that is friendly with mobile devices , ideal for any type of business, it is good to give a good first impression, according to data from Global Web Index “80% of Internet users have a Smartphone, “more than half of online searches are done through a mobile device. In Google a mobile friendly site will be better positioned than one that is not.

If you do not invest in adapting your health Web to the different devices, not only will you be bad before your potential customers, but you will be frowned upon by Google, and you could lose positions. And with the advancement of technology, it’s not about having a responsive Web, you could even create an app, and so your service will be accessible to millions of users through app stores.

Good content to do SEO for the health sector

You’ve probably read that SEO is “content is king”, and good content related to your specialty is an excellent tool for Web positioning, as this way you can attract new traffic. Every new post you post is an opportunity for potential patients to find you, what you post must meet some very important things:

72% of Internet users search for health topics.

An excellent choice of content that you can publish in a health web and get engagement and many more readers, are the testimonies , get people who have been patient and want to share how was your experience with your organization.

Social networks as part of marketing

Social networks are an excellent place to advertise, but they are also an option to answer questions and questions of patients, find moving stories in patients you have had and share them in social networks, you can show the best in your organization.

Online platforms are a great way to get inbound links to your Web, and a tool to propagate the content of your Web.

Finally, in your SEO positioning company , we consider it important for success in your health website campaign to be constantly testing and measuring , SEO will not be complete without this. To do so you can use free tools like Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools, there you can see if your efforts are bearing fruit. You can measure: traffic, rebound percentage, conversions, among other metrics .

Do you have any other tips to share? Write us through the comments and share with us and our followers other techniques that will help you achieve success.

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