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Fryer Without Oil’s healthy result. Which Is The Best Of 2017?

Since the oil fryers were introduced to the market, there has been much speculation about the quality of the fryers and their ability to deliver quality and healthy results.

Today PepeBar, which as you know, we are specialists in industrial fryers , we decided to meet the challenge and discover the true reality of fryers without oil and see the differences, benefits and comparisons with fryers forever.  Visit

To carry out the study, we had to test several oil-free fryers from different brands, from the best known to the most unknown ones (made in China) and finally we have left with a selection of the 6 best oil free fryers of 2016 and 2017.

In no case we are saying that oil-free fryers not listed in this article are bad, in fact some of them, offers us a similar result, although with a cheaper price, this difference in price lies in the quality of Materials of manufacture, and that therefore end up affecting the durability of the same, for this reason we have not incorporated these fryers.

As you can see, Between Philips and Tefal have topped the oil-free fryers booths, leaving room for two rather unknown, but not less important, models.

Prices Of Oil Free Fryers:

In the following table you can see the prices, all of them approximate and depending on the place where you want to buy them.

ActiFry 2 in 1 white
Why Buy A Fryer Without Oil?

Many have asked us about them, and we will respond today with a clear NO.

It’s not the same, it does not taste the same. And you do not save too much.

For Whom And Why Is An Oil Fryer A Good Investment?

If you want to eat healthier, without fried and refried, the fryer without oil or fryer of air, may be suitable for you. Sacrifice flavor for fewer calories.

Let’s be clear that the “oil-free fryers” are not fryers, they are mini-ovens, which cook and brown the food, where they look like fried. But they are not a substitute product, since by removing the oil from the fryer, we can not fry, we can only, brown, toast, bake, but never fry, so that the oil taste and all its fats are eliminated.

Comparative Fryers Without Oil:

Philips AirFryer

Fryer without oil philips 2Philips oil free fryer









 Philips AirFryer XL

Philips xl oil free fryerPhilips xl oil free fryer










Tefal Actifry Mini

Actifry mini oil fryerActifry mini oil fryer











It offers a good performance for a maximum of 2 people. Correct materials, after one month of use, and intensive use the Actifry mini is still in perfect condition, no breakage, no scratching.

In terms of taste, like all the others, it is not the same, but thanks to its reduced dimensions, the concentration of heat and the air circulation, it offers a better result. Slightly different taste, and roasting more intense (always also depends on the weather).





Tefal Actifry 2 In 1

Tefal 2 in 1 oil free fryer Tefal 2 in 1 oil free fryer

Fryer Without Oil SOGO

No fryer

La Sogo we have used it for 10 days, and after these days we can say that the difference with the others, it is noticeable in the quality of the finishes. As a result of “frying”, the results are very similar to the other models and brands.

Both our tests and opinions of other Sogo users are that the lid of the SOGO oil-free fryer is a bit hard, and there are times that it costs to close.

If you are looking for a fryer without oil cheap, this can be yours.

Its main details:


Klarstein VitAir Fryer

Oil fryer Klarstein VitAir Fryer

And a gift.

If you have arrived here, we have a little surprise.

After publishing the article, some of you told us to do a review of AirisFry, here it is.

Airis Fry Fryer Without Oil.

Fryer oil free airisfry

Compact size, although not small in size, very similar to the Philips Air Fryer, seems almost a clone, if not because it has two controls in its central area.

As for the quality of cooking, it offers a surprising quality (given if price), which has not left with a good taste of mouth (never better). Toasted uniform and crisp, good color. Correct taste.

Its price is around 100 euros, making it one of the cheapest. Highly recommended if you are not a born fryer, and you are looking for a good “fryer without oil”.

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