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Plants without the harsh use of cleaning chemicals is a must for many families. The health of pets and children is a priority, and nothing that puts them in danger is not worth the risk. Steam mops take the worry and hassle out of getting a variety of clean surfaces. Not only clean without chemicals, but many of them sterilize the floors.

Disinfection temperature

The minimum temperature to kill material transmitted by food is 73.9 degrees C, but the Centers for Disease Control recommends 100 degrees C to remove a wider variety of germs. A temperature of 54.4 degrees C is required to kill dust mites, according to environment, health and safety online. By definition, steam mops sterilize when the water reaches a boiling point of 100 degrees C. You should carefully drive, however, because the steam can cool to 37.8 degrees C by the time it travels to the plant.

Best Mops Disinfection

According to comments, steam mops that got favorable reviews are the Haan FS-20 Haan SI-35 steam mop disinfectant slimmer and the light disinfectant steam mop. The FS-20 sanitizes in just one minute, and in addition to sanitizing surfaces, can be used to clean bacteria in the bathroom, on countertops or to kill dust mites in upholstery. Even with its smaller head of steam, SI-35 cleans and sanitizes well. Its tank is larger and detachable, compared to the FS-20, but can not be used to clean non-plant surfaces.

Best Steam Moppers

For steam mops that clean but do not sterilize, consider the Bissell 1867-7 steam mop. It is favorably reviewed for its ability to clean narrow areas and its large water tank. It is possible to sterilize with this steam mop, but it should be kept in place for 15 seconds, which can damage the floors and take a lot of time to clean a large floor. The Pocket Shark Steam Mop S3501 is a popular choice when hygiene is not a priority, but costs more than Haan FS-20, which sterilize. The RP must be pumped to emit steam, which can be tedious. One test worked out by the Wall Street Journal that the mop is good at cleaning the stains, though – better than Bissell 1867-7.


Before buying a steam mop, research how long it takes the mop to emit steam at the proper temperature. For rooms of considerable size, using a steam mop with slow emission times can make for a laborious cleaning process. Think, too, how you want to use the vacuum cleaner, for floors, or other surfaces, too.

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