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Breakfasts and dinners: what to eat to take a healthy diet

A healthy diet and balanced is what allows the body to function optimally. To achieve this , it is essential that based on foods that promote the proper functioning of the organism and avoid diet – related diseases, such as obesity or cardiovascular problems. For this reason, experts recommend that diet be part of a healthy lifestyle, be rich in foods of plant origin and fiber and, on the other hand, low in animal fat, in sweets and high calorie products. This article reviews the main characteristics of a healthy diet and presents specific suggestions for breakfast and dinner.

What should a healthy diet contain?

For a balanced diet should contain at least two servings of vegetables daily , one at lunch and another at dinner; from 2 to 3 pieces or servings of fruit a day; of 2 to 3 servings of food protein a day (meat, fish and eggs, low fat preferred), grains or starches rich in fiber , such as pasta, rice or wholemeal bread or vegetables; and avoid foods like sugar , sweets and jams rich in sugar, sugary drinks , pastries and cakes industrial and precooked foods.

Another aspect that experts recommend is to distribute food intake throughout the day and do, therefore 5-6 meals a day: breakfast, midmorning, lunch, snack, dinner and snack after dinner. This favors self intake and anxiety and also distributes calorie intake throughout the day.

Can skipping meals or not dine can help you lose weight?

There is no study that shows that skipping a meal can help you lose weight. Although the basis of any low-calorie diet for weight control is to reduce caloric intake is not recommended skipping meals to get it . Experts recommend not skipping meals and distributing well throughout the day, as this can help us control hunger and anxiety.

Skipping meals can help us to be hungry before the next and, consequently, we end up snacking and eating some food not recommended. For example, no dinner can make the next morning have a great appetite or not snack can make us very hungry before dinner; And so we will end up biting something before dinner or having much more breakfast than usual the next morning.

Does eating only fruit or cereals with milk help you lose weight?

Dinner is the last meal of the day and should not be a copious and plentiful meal, especially if we are going to lie down immediately after it. The caloric control of the dinner is important if we want to lose weight. However, replace dinner for some particular food such as fruit or milk cereals-, you can contribute to the imbalance of diet and even excessive intake of calories in it.

To get an idea: a bowl of fruit with a banana, 200 g of grape and two experts can contain about 400 kcal, which could have a green salad with a hard egg. The same thing can happen if we substitute dinner for a bowl of milk with cereal. If we control the quantities well, a cup of semi-skimmed milk with 30 g of cereals provides about 200 kcal, but if we replace the cup with a large bowl, the caloric intake can be around 400-500 kcal; So that we will be eating the same, or even more, than if we made a balanced dinner.

In addition, replacing the balanced meal with these foods may reduce the intake of vegetables and fruit (in the case of cereals) and therefore the consumption of dietary fiber, which could increase the risk of constipation. It can also cause a reduction in protein intake, a very important fact in patients at risk of malnutrition or in people with decreased muscle mass. So, skipping meals or unbalancing the diet does not help to lose weight or lead a healthier diet.

Breakfasts and dinners: healthy suggestions

Between breakfast and mid – morning should consume a dairy (milk, yogurt or cheese) some starchy food (bread, toast or cereal), accompanied or not – for some protein food, and fruit. For example:

A balanced and light dinner should contain raw or cooked vegetables, lean protein foods (meat, fish or eggs) and a moderate amount of starchy foods (bread, pasta, cereals and legumes). It is advisable to consult the dietitian-nutritionist about the quantitative composition, if you are on a calorie-controlled dieting. Some examples:

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