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Botox promises an encouraging future for cancer treatment

The Botox injections are among the most popular methods used today as anti –wrinkle treatment, and there are few celebrities who use this route to hide the time in your body. But apparently, in the near future, this substance could be used for much more important and useful purposes than the simple appearance: the treatment of cancer . We’re going to tell you why.

According to Norwegian scientists, who for many years studying potential treatments for different types of tumors, treatment with botox melbourne in laboratory mice sick stomach (most common in the world ‘s fourth) cancer has yielded results very promising.

The basic function of botox is the inhibition of the production of an important neurotransmitter called acetylcholine , which causes the nerve and muscles of the areas under its effect to become temporarily paralyzed.

It is also known that this neurotransmitter is closely related to cell division , which is able to stimulate remarkably. This is what has led scientists to try to use cancer treatment and perform the first tests in mice.

Botox slows cancer development

When injected into the stomach of the mice, where the tumor was located, the Botox blocked the signals emitted by the vagus nerve, which reaches the abdomen from the brain. Thus, with the effect of suppressed nerve, it was observed that cancer stem cells markedly slowed their growth.

In addition, tests showed that elimination of the signal and release of acetylcholine not only had a direct effect, but also made the cancer cells more sensitive to chemotherapy. In fact, the combination of botox and chemotherapy increased the survival rate in diseased mice by up to 35% compared to chemotherapy alone.

Although the research focused on early- stage stomach cancer , doctors do not rule out that the method can be used to target more advanced or even other tumors, such as prostate cancer. Human testing is expected to be done in the near future.

In the article published in Science Translational Medicine , the authors acknowledge that this does not in itself represent a cure for cancer , but the opportunities to make existing treatments more effective are very promising and may even extend the lives of certain patients in whom Other methods do not work well.

What do you think about this promising treatment?

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