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The Active Women Association was born in 2006 in the interest of promoting the culture of physical activity as a healthy lifestyle among women.
“We are a group of friends, athletes who have somehow excelled in various sports disciplines, swimming, racing and triathlon mainly; Nelly Becerra was the idea of creating this association, as she presided over the Women’s Commission in the Mexican Triathlon Federation.
“She formed a group that we used to promote the sport among women, since we saw that women’s foray into the sport was always much lower than in man, which is already changing thanks to God,” he said. Says the expert.
In 2006, they began a congress to which invited speakers and women in sports such as cycling, triathlon and swimming were invited.
“We invite the first Mexican relay that crossed the English Channel formed by almost all those who integrate Active Women. “Among them is Nora Toledano, the most recognized and experienced open water swimmer and trainer in Mexico, Patty Kohlmann who was an Olympic swimmer, Mónica Ramírez and Edna Llorens who are world champions,” he adds.
In the same year 2006 the Congress was held, the first swim “For Them … strokes for the prevention of cancer …” was held, which currently has an annual invitation event in the Sea of Cortez. At that first junction six swimmers crossed the 9 bays of Huatulco, which are approximately 26 km.
“The Government of Oaxaca, and many other public and private actors of the organization, supported this crossing where a Health Fair and mobile units were set up to make free mastographs for local women, since the main cause of death in The woman, at that time was cervical cancer of the uterus; Is currently breast cancer. “There were born the crosses” By Them “of which we already have 9 editions; Our intention is to touch all the States of the Republic, “he says.
Currently, they also raise funds to donate diagnostic devices such as mastographs, ultrasound, etc. to institutions that do not have resources and a large population of women to attend. They also donate some supplies for patients who have had cancer such as sleeves, bras, prostheses, etc.
“The second state that touched this project was Baja California Sur, La Paz city mainly, where they have been repeating the events because the State welcomed them very well.
“The place is an incredible natural beauty and the conditions of swimming are really exceptional, because the sea of Cortes, as said Jacques Costeau is the largest fish tank in the world.”
The official name of the annual event is By Them by invitation, and here the athlete community is invited, mainly swimmers from all sides, whether men or women, to make the crossing of Sea of Cortez and to join the cause in Prevention of cancer.
“At these crossings in Baja California, swimmers go with absolute safety as they are accompanied by a boat and the best kayaks, and allowed to go along the coast.
“For security reasons participants are mainly asked to be experienced swimmers, since you are in a totally alien environment; That is why there must be an endorsement of the coach or captain of the team, that is responsible for their swimmers have the ability to swim in open water.
“The invitation format has been running since 2009; Each team is eight members who swim in pairs for half an hour and are relieved to cover the distance that is currently 35 km, “he says.
Each swim is different and each case is different, for example, in the Sea of Cortez can be found bad waters, much current, or there may be excessive heat depending on the temperature of the water.
“The theme of these invitation events is to raise funds to make a donation for the prevention of Cancer; To date, an ultrasound device has been donated to the La Paz State Oncology Center, a mastograph at the Hospital of Cozumel and with the swim of Por Ellas, the construction of the Diagnostic and Treatment Center for Cancer in Quintana Roo “, Add.
In addition, prosthetics have been donated to the Women’s Hospital in Yautepec, Morelos, and more than 5,000 studies have been done free of charge between mastographs, pap smears and the application of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccines.
“Active Women with this aims to spread the culture of cancer prevention and invite the population to do at least half an hour of exercise a day as a healthy lifestyle, We are totally convinced that physical activity goes very hand in hand with health, “he says.
In February 2004 Nanés suffered one of the most bitter drinks of her life, detected breast cancer and had a radical mastectomy on the right side with removal as 40 lymph nodes.
“This means that they remove the entire mammary gland and remove all the tissue that is underlying it, called part of the torso attached to the armpit and the entire breast and nipple of course.
“I had the advantage of having a very radical treatment because I have a history of cancer in my entire family, my dad and my older sister died of cancer, cousins, aunts, grandmothers and so on,” he says.
Due to this situation the doctor who attended Nanés wanted to be very aggressive, however it was not enough because in December I had to remove the other side.
“Thank God my doctor was very radical, I did not have to take chemo or radios, he is in Hospital Ángeles del Pedregal, it is Dr. Javier Gómez Pedroso and he is a type …
“I had an oral anti-estrogen treatment for five years, which is commonly prescribed to women who have breast cancer,” she recalls.
Despite this, Nanés is checked every year, a battery of tests is done, to see that she remains clean of cancer.
“Thank God on February 4 I am 9 years old; When she started Active Women and Swimmers, they invited me to participate to make it clear that a woman who has gone through a disease that erroneously has a synonym of death, can get ahead if she stays active … she can do everything, “he says.
When she overcame the cancer, the Health Coach now has a stop in her life, and she says that for her it was like a new opportunity.
“For me … it was like being reborn because the cancer has taken a lot of family … so I took this as a blessing and decided that I had to do something that transcended, not only leave a legacy like any person … because I believe that each person That passes through this life leaves something positive in it; However when I went through this I gave myself the task of leaving something superior, “he says.
Although Nanés was already a swimmer, a triathlon coach and prepared people to be an athlete, not so much towards competitive sport but as a healthy lifestyle, the disease marked her.

“I have a commitment to God that gave me the opportunity, with my family who has supported me at all times and with all the people around me who showed me great affection, which was a fundamental part for me to go forward,” he says. .
Nanés began to certify since 1998 that she became a formal coach when taking certifications in Mexico and is an example of life, because someone who goes through something like this now can tell her athletes not to give up
“What I tell you is – Do not give up so easily, you can do what you want while you decide to do it, as the slogan of active women says …” If you can dream you can do it “and it’s all about You have a routine and a commitment to yourself because without chambear you do not achieve anything, “he says.
The Association was formalized before a notary in 2008, with the aim of promoting physical activity and exercise as a healthy lifestyle and promoting a culture of cancer prevention; Two of the founders are survivors of cancer, Paty Mackelligan and I, as well as we swim in the crosses By them.
The Association has grown and nowadays, besides the swimmers, they have congresses, business talks and wherever they are asked.
“Now we open the field a little, we have a merger with Las Estacas, there we have aquatlones, swimming against currents and races and part of what is collected in the events is donated to hospitals for people with few resources.
“Apart from this, we have an agreement with the Idea Moda Interior shop, which is a socially responsible company (ESR), with whom we have been raising funds for free mammography studies for women in marginalized populations for three years.
“Until this year, with the Campaign Idea … For Ellas … have collected almost 600 thousand pesos, an average of 200 thousand pesos each year; Our Association is on the Second Floor, that is, we collect the money and donate it to those who can apply the resource directly, “he says.
“In this project, we worked hand in hand with ASBIS (Association that also works for the prevention of cancer) and in the first year made 780 mastographs to the pepenadoras of Nezahualcóyotl.
“The second year took the resort to San Jose del Rincon in Toluca which is a very poor population … we are looking for very marginalized populations so that people who have less chance of having less information can have access to it.
“We are not going to embrace all the needs of this country, but we are putting a grain of sand and we are distributing the resource in different places, because all Mexico needs it,” he says.
This year the appeal of the 2012 Campaign will be applied to prepare a mobile unit to go to different populations and provide the service of free mastographs.
One of the athletes of Team Orca Mexico (who is the team that trains Nanés) asked her to train a group of athletes to cross the Channel … and although the Channel can not be compared with La Paz, That in the Channel the water is between 14 and 18 degrees and in La Paz it can be between 20 and 25 degrees Nanés anyway accepted.
“Olimpia Delgado proposed the project and I can not say no when people ask me for help … I had an incredible challenge, I did not know the Cystic Fibrosis disease, I was in touch with the subject, and I decided to accept it.
“I asked my great friend Nora Toledano * to advise me during the whole training and she accepted to be the coach of the team; We worked two years with the team to prepare ourselves, and we crossed in the format of relays the Channel, in September 2010
“Sadly we did not get sponsorship but the desire of the team were many and we achieved even in a year in which very few crosses were achieved”, he says.
Nanés says that having the life of the swimmers in their hands implies a great responsibility, since you should never expose a swimmer who does not cover all the requirements, since it is a human life, which for her is the most important.
“When you get to Dover to cross, the captain of the boat is the one who defines when to attempt the crossing; Gives you the schedule only two hours before you start. The conditions in the Canal (climate, winds and water temperature), are very little controllable, the most important thing is to take care of the life of the swimmer.
“I feel that when you do things for a specific cause, and you give your effort to someone else, up there is a Higher Force that helps you achieve it,” he adds.
The year of its crossing (2010) when the team of Rescuers of Dreams arrived at Dover the swimmers took a month and a half without leaving by the terrible conditions and bad weather
“We arrived and had our window from August 30th to September 6th and we crossed the 31st of August with exceptional luck.”
“We left at 3:30 in the afternoon and concluded around 5 in the morning; Were 13 hours 33 minutes, swimming approximately 60 km. It was an exceptional crossing, there was no setback, we all covered our swim time without any news, and we did not suffer hypothermia. ”
“It was a magical crossing but I believe that the magic comes from that delivery of swimming for someone else, that has filled my life and I will continue to do it”, ends

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