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The comments that raise the dreadful event in the Sultana del Norte respond more to the general morbidity in our society than to the exhaustive analysis. Both in print journals and on internet portals, a great variety of hypotheses arise on the grounds that led a teenager to shoot both his classmates and his teacher.

While some attack, others defend from their very particular points of view the behavior of the aggressor. Some wonder: How was it possible that I brought a weapon inside the school ?, as if it were very difficult to have or acquire a weapon of this caliber today, as it is known by the majority and we constantly see in the newscasts the enormous The amount of weaponry that circulates in the streets and when the authority strikes a blow to the criminals, manage to seize an entire arsenal ranging from the smallest calibers to those weapons that are for the exclusive use of the army, and we can see both pistols and rifles of high power. And as it becomes known in the different attacks perpetrated by “well-organized crime” also use fragmentation grenades and machine guns of very respectable calibers as well as bazookas to make armored units fly. In the streets you hear detonations of different calibers, which means that weapons can be within reach of all. Please let us reflect a little! And we will realize the magnitude of the problem in which we remain immersed.

We have a government that can be surpassed by society when the people decide. We cannot judge without knowing it, we would be speculating and we would be ignorant. The causes can be many, and the authorities will be the ones who determine after a complete study what was the reason that led this boy to commit the act and that way we will officially have the cause of the facts visit for more details.

The red spotlights have been on for a long time, but our “color blindness” refuses to see the color. Maximum Village Alert! Something overwhelming has happened and we hope it will not happen again in Mexico or anywhere in the world.

Let us be more reflective and analyze the situational state of society today, remember the family is the most important cell that forms the social fabric and cancer starts in a single cell that fails to perform its specific function, altering the behavior of others. When this evil is detected in time, the conventional remedy can be applied so that this cancer does not invade other organs and compromises the life of the human being. If the family is the basis of the societies of the world, it is here that we must emphasize, to make an exhaustive analysis to detect any evil that begins to be generated and to be able to solve it before having to do a surgery that will always be more expensive.

With a good analysis we will detect the missing nutrients in the family and lead a healthy life. And, if the main nutrient is: respect, honesty, work, love, happiness, affection, tenderness, understanding, tolerance and all those ingredients that together make up the “Moral Values”
WATCH OUT! Because we are facing a very serious and more dangerous disease than the cancer itself, the medicine is not in government offices, do not ask the government to solve your problem! It will not find antidote in schools because there is no solution and there is no drug in the church, the only treatment to date is in the home and self-medication is the most effective.

Begin to use great doses of love, affection understanding and tenderness towards you and your children, continue to adhere them with respect, humility and tolerance without neglecting work and honesty and the rest will gradually come until “values” take root in Your home “Let us reflect while the next coffee arrives!

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